Outsourcing is the transfer of activities to an external agency to replace specific internal functions of your company. This is a popular form of partnership, as it is a business literally both parties profit from. The main reason companies choose this business practice is to reduce costs. Other advantages include:

  • the expected level of performance is of higher quality because the external agency is specialized in the respective activity;
  • the company becomes free from bearing capital costs and unnecessary inflation of the staff;
  • the peripheral activity of the company is delegated to an external executor, which allows it to focus on its main activity;
  • access to technology and know-how for which the company would otherwise have to invest a great amount of time and money.

If you choose our agency for this purpose, you will free up resources for your main activity, you will increase your productivity and quality, you will use our wide competencies, you will minimize the risks and save funds. Our clients receive periodically a detailed report regarding the execution of the contracted activities, and an analysis in comparison with the set goals and work standards.

"Kartel Consult" is your external executor who is competent to perform the necessary services, on the one hand, and will take the risk of performing them, on the other.