Temporary employment / Leasing of personnel

Temporary employment
Leasing of Personnel

Leasing of personnel is a service suitable for business sectors which exercise seasonal work, which have an activity that does not require a constant level of employment or in which the number of employees varies depending on the project. We offer you to save time and money by delegating the task of administrating the newly hired personnel to us. We will conclude contracts for the respective number of people, period and remuneration and you will only need to manage the process. If you decide that you want to attract these specialists to work permanently in your company, after the conclusion of the project, we will assist you in this process as well.

As our clients, you specify the following details when hiring leased personnel:

  • the conditions and the nature of the work;
  • the functions they will be performing;
  • information regarding the profile of and the requirements for the temporary hired employees;
  • periodic reports on the hours worked;
  • assessment of the labor performance;
  • assessment of the risk at the workplace;
  • selection/approval of the suggested employees.

As your partner, "Kartel Consult" performs:

  • personnel selection, hiring and administration;
  • full administration of the employment relationships – conclusion of employment contracts, drawing up of job descriptions, setting labor and salary rules, keeping employment records, terminating the employment relationship at the termination of the contract with the client, and preparation of employment certificates;
  • calculation of salary, and due taxes and fees;
  • filing of declarations and statements in the competent institutions;
  • preparation of periodic reports and statements for the client;
  • fair treatment of the client and the hired employees.

An advantage for the company-user of leased personnel is the provision of flexibility in the number of employees without reducing the productivity in conditions of variable workload.