Personnel selection and assessment

Personnel selection
and assessment

The basic rule for business success is hiring the right people.

This is one of the basic activities of "Kartel Consult" – to search for and find food specialists, and to assess their qualification in order to propose to the employers the most suitable candidates. For this purpose, our agency first prepares well with an analysis of the development goals of the company which is seeking employees. What follows is a selection of the applicants through a wide range of skill assessment tests in order to guarantee that you will get the right person. "Kartel Consult" finds the right people by assessing whether of the professional and personal characteristics fit the requirements of the client company. Finally, we offer the selected applicants to your attention and give you the opportunity to choose who to hire.

The experienced consultants of "Kartel Consult" help their clients with:

  • drawing up job descriptions;
  • preparing offers, after studying the current state of the labor market and the compliance with the employer's requirements;
  • developing a media plan and publishing the offers;
  • managing the applications;
  • selecting, interviewing and assessing the applicants;
  • preparing a candidate profile and presentation;
  • compiling a check list of advantages and disadvantages of the applications;
  • carrying out the logistics and providing feedback;
  • negotiating with the selected applicant;
  • monitoring the adaptation process in the new company.