What do we offer you?

It is wrong to believe that using the services of a personnel selection agency will make the process of finding and hiring qualified specialists more expensive. On the contrary, partnering with "Kartel Consult" will save you time and money, and will help you avoid wandering aimlessly among the many applications. We will find exactly the employees you need, and we will do it fast, because we are well acquainted with the labor market.

Consultancy activities

The personnel selection agency "Kartel Consult" has realized projects in partnership with companies from different business sectors. We offer every client a specialized approach, which includes internal audit of the company, preparation of analysis and strategy for optimization of the workflow, the structure and the activity itself.

Personnel administration

No matter if your personnel work on a civil or an employment contract, full-time or part-time, we at "Kartel Consult" will take into account the company specifics and will propose the best possible solution for the administration of your employees.

Temporary employment / Leasing of personnel

Leasing of personnel is a service suitable for business sectors which exercise seasonal work, which have an activity that does not require a constant level of employment or in which the number of employees varies depending on the project. We offer you to save time and money by delegating the task of administrating the newly hired personnel to us.


Outsourcing is the transfer of activities to an external agency to replace specific internal functions of your company. This is a popular form of partnership, as it is a business literally both parties profit from. The main reason companies choose this business practice is to reduce costs.

Personnel selection and assessment

The basic rule for business success is hiring the right people. This is one of the basic activities of "Kartel Consult" – to search for and find food specialists, and to assess their qualification in order to propose to the employers the most suitable candidates.