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A record shortage of staff has been registered in Bulgaria over the last decade. Almost all business sectors have been affected. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulty in selecting suitable employees. This is a challenge we can tackle together.

We at Kartel Consult are aware that the employees are the largest capital of a company. If the employer manages to develop in his employees a sense of empathy, for healthy, secure and loyal relationships, he has found the key to a successful business. It is exactly in the building of these relationships that we can help – no matter if it is a case of expansion or change in your company. By taking advantage of our services, you could:

  • optimize the expenses related to personnel management;
  • get access to a wide portfolio of services;
  • use higher quality services;
  • save time and resources valuable for the management of your business.

The team of personnel selection agency Kartel Consult has a rich experience and is extremely motivated and qualified.

Trust us and we will save as much of your time and money as possible in the process of searching for the necessary employees.

Why us

Our long-term partnerships with companies and candidates from various business sectors rank us among the preferred agencies in the field of personnel selection and leasing. We have an individual approach towards each client, taking into account their requirements and observing the ethical standards. You can count on our experience and knowledge in the field of human resources, because we always strive to be in line with the changes in market and labor conditions. We have the know-how to find and attract qualified employees to executive, expert and management positions. Our goal is to connect the right applicants with the right employers.

We are the agency for you if you share our principles regarding:

  • mutual respect, honesty and propriety;
  • positive and professional attitude;
  • observance of confidentiality;
  • professional help and support;
  • providing adequate information;
  • facilitated process of remuneration of employees, compliance with the requirements of labor legislation.

Take a look at the services we offer at the best prices and with guaranteed best quality.