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Looking for a job is not an "easy job"! Achieving a good result depends on the two-way selection process between applicant and employer. Oftentimes, the applicants go to an interview feeling that they will walk into a hostile environment, and the employers are skeptical of their qualities. It is the role of the personnel selection agency to mediate this process in order to find the shortest path to mutual benefit for both parties.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we have experience as a good mediator and we'll do our best to meet your interests with those of the employers, and make sure that each of you gets exactly what they want.

Take a look at the published offers and apply for the ones you like. If you'd like us to help you in finding suitable positions, you will need to register in the data base and we will contact you when we find an offer that matches your search.

Why us

We offer you professional treatment and open dialogue. We will help you believe in yourself, so that the employers can believe in you, too. Once we get to know your skills and qualifications, as well as your job requirements, we will notify you in a timely manner of open opportunities that match your interests and profile.

Whether you are already a developed specialist, a manager in a high position or you are making you first steps in the career, you can be sure that "Kartel Consult" is the right choice of consultant for your good presentation on the labor market.