About us

Our advantages

We at "Kartel Consult" offer a complex service in the field of human resources - from selection, assessment and leasing of personnel, through outsourcing, to training and consultations.

We aim to ensure a long-term future for your company and its employees by using contemporary methods for selection and qualification.

We always make a personal commitment and keep our promises, because we have know-how based on the experience and the professionalism of our team, and we work towards building mutual trust with clients.

New opportunities

In addition, we rely on the competencies of "FSK Kartel Ltd." - a leader in the financial and accounting services in Bulgaria for over 19 years, and on the administrative services of "SO Kartel". Their collaboration gives us the opportunity to provide a full service to a client, so that they will make the best possible use of the conditions offered by the labor market.

Our agency has a license for carrying out intermediary activities linked to employment for the Republic of Bulgaria, granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The team of personnel selection agency "Kartel Consult" is well prepared to distinguish good specialists and to attract them to work in your company. We can give you advice in human resources market research, the conduction of training courses, and the consideration of opportunities for career and organizational development.